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Dr J Sumedha Jayaweera Madam Principal Message

Dr. J. Dr.(Mrs.) J. Sumedha Jayaweera
(S.L.E.A.S-Class 1)

Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya
Stanmore Crescent, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka

Contact Details

  • Ph.D., in Education Sociology(University of Kelaniya)
    BSc, Med, P.G.D.E(Merit), P.G.D.M.(Merit),Dip in Sc,Dip in Glo Edu.,AD. in Dip(University of Colombo), T.K.T.(Cambridge University,UK),
  • Master Trainer-Ministry Of Education and British Council.
  • Member of the panel-International School Award(British Council-Sri Lanka),
  • Visiting Lecturer and research supervisor for PhD and Masters students. Girne American University United Kingdom.
  • A member of the Board Of Management, The National Educational Research and Evaluation Centre(NEREC) University of Colombo Sri Lanka.
  • Resource Person – British Council, NIE , and Ministry of Education Teacher Training Center, Narahenpita.
  • Sri Lanka Silver Medalist Umpire – Sri Lanka Net Ball Federation,
  • The vice president of Sri Lanka Schools Sports Council.
  • President Sri Lanka Hand Ball Association.

Latest Achievements

Education Excellence Award for Mental Health & well- Being – 2021.
Awarded by Ministry of Ayush , India

The Women in Education Leadership Award – 2020 .
Awarded by the World Education Congress.

Asian Education Leadership – 2019
Awarded by the World Education Congress

Sri Lanka Education Leadership – 2019
Awarded by the World Education Congress

The Best Principal Award – 2019 
Awarded by the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka .

The Service Excellence Award 2016/2017 
Awarded by the Rotary club of Colombo

The International School Award – 2008 
Awarded by the British Council – U.K

The International School Award – 2006 
Awarded by the British Council – U.K

“Highly Commended Model “ – Zero Carbon City Model Competition 2007”
Conducted by the British Council – Sri Lanka

More Awards and Recognitions

  • The Rotary Club Colombo presented Mrs. Sumedha Jayaweerawa with the 2016 Service Excellence Award for the Most Innovative Principal in recognition of the school’s advancement in all physical, educational, and spiritual aspects.

  • The principal was honored to have presented her research findings at the 2016 English Education conference held in Solo, Indonesia.

  • In 2017, the provincial educational office recognised the principal as the best principal in the western province.

  • The madam principal is a member of the panel of Judges in international school award.

  • She also serves as an internationally recognized teacher trainer at the British Council, Colombo.

  • The principal, Mrs. Sumedha Jayaweera renders her service to the nation as a resource person of the national institute of education since 2012 as a certified teacher trainer and lecturer.

  • The Principal, is a silver medalist Umpire of the netball federation of Sri Lanka and currently she serves as the President of the handball association of Sri Lanka.

Particulars of Travel Abroad ( For Educational Purpose)

  • Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) – Bangkok , RECSAM- Malaysia, ( 3 Months)
    Trained as a provincial Teacher Trainer – English Medium Science ( Funded by ADB)
  • Wilstead Lower School Bedfordshire – U.K.
    Visited to partner School as an International Coordinator ( Funded by British Council – UK)
  • Cedar Mount Higher School, Manchester – U.K
    Visited to partner School as an International Coordinator ( Funded by British Council – UK)
  • Georgetown University , Washington D.C,U.S.A.
    Professionals Development programme for Educators. ( Funded by Embassy of USA)
  • Boston , Massachusetts , USA,
    44th Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit – from March 24 -27 ,2010 ( Funded by Embassy of USA )
  • India
    ELTAI Conference.
    Title – The students Learn Best with the Real Situation ( 90 minutes Presentation done by me).
    ( Funded by Embassy of USA)
  • India
    UN Conference- International Conference on Sustainability Education, held at the India Habitat Center , New Delhi , India.
  • Solo, Indonesia
    International Conference organized by academy for Global Business Advancement ( AGBA)

Current Positions

  • Visiting Lecturer and Research Supervisor- GIRNE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY – UNITED STATE KINDOM
  • International Validated Trainer – British Council
  • Trainer For Principals – NIE
  • Resource Person – Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education, British Council, and American Center
  • A counsellor for School Children

International Coordinator

  • Global school linking Program – British Council – Sri Lanka .
  • Member of DIFID global partnership- British Council .
  • Member of the global school Magazine Committee – British Council – Sri Lanka.
  • Member of the Assessment Panel – International school Award from 2007 up to now – British Council – Sri Lanka

Positions Held

  • The principal, ( Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service, Class 1)
    ( 2015.04.23 – 2023.10.07)
  • Deputy Principal ( SLEAS) D.S Senanayake College , Colombo – 07. (2007-10-01 – 2011 -09 -27)
  • Assistant Director of English , English and Foreign Language Branch , Ministry Of Education , Isurupaya , Baththaramulla (2011.09.28 – 2012.03.30)
  • Deputy Principal (SLEAS) Thurstan College, Colombo – 07. (2012.04.01 – 2015 .04.22)
  • Worked as a Trained Graduate Teacher at government Schools ( subjects Biology and science in English and Sinhala medium , for 12 years)



Pasala Viduhalpatiniyakage Asen

( Sinhala) – 2008 (ISBN- 978-955-8122-15-0)

Nodutu Pasala

(Unseen School ) -2021 (ISBN 978-624-97174-0-4)

Papers Published in the International Journals

The Needfulness of Continuing Professional Development for Education Administrators: A systematic Literature Review

Significance of professional development of education leaders: Evidence from literature review.

Significance of Professional Development of School Principals: Evidence from Literature Review.

An examination on the success of Bilingual Science Teaching by Referring to its context at Junior Secondary Level in Sri Lanka.

Monograph book contemporary issues in global business reach across over the countries

Full Text PDF 

Professional Development of Education Administrative Service officers in Sri Lanka

Local Journal

Fundamentals of Professional Development for Education Administrators: Evidence from Literature Review.

National Institute of Education – Sri Lanka , October 2021 ( Pending)

Principal's Diary

ආචාර්ය සුමේධා ජයවීර සමඟ විකසිත

කොළඹ 07, සිරිමාවෝ බණ්ඩාරනායක විද්‍යාලයේ විදුහල්පතිනි ආචාර්ය සුමේධා ජයවීර සමඟ විකසිත රෑ හත Welenda Sevaya

විද්‍යාලයේ විදුහල්පතිනි ආචාර්ය සුමේධා ජයවීර සමඟ විකසිත රෑ හත අගෝස්තු 23 බදාදා රාත්‍රී 7.30 ට. කොළඹ 0 ...