New Keppetipola Road Gate

A Gateway to Greater Beginnings

School Keppetipola Rd Gate

The long-awaited Keppetipola Road gate, a significant addition to our school playground, has finally come to fruition, marking a new chapter in our school’s history. This project, initiated by our esteemed Madam Principal, Dr. Sumedha Jayaweera, stands as a testament to her innovative vision for the betterment and safety of the school community.

The journey to the gate’s completion was one paved with anticipation and collective effort. Understanding the need for enhanced accessibility and security, Dr. Jayaweera proposed the construction of this new gate, aiming to provide a safer and more convenient entrance for students, staff, and visitors. The proposal quickly gained support from the school board, parents, and the local community, highlighting the collective spirit that defines our institution.

The new Keppetipola Road gate is not just a physical structure but a symbol of the school’s commitment to progress and safety. Designed with state-of-the-art materials and equipped with modern security features, the gate ensures a safe environment for all school members. Its strategic location offers improved access to the school playground.

The construction of the gate was a community effort, with many hands contributing to its realization. Parents and teachers came together to support the project, demonstrating the strong community spirit that surrounds our school. This collaborative effort underlines the importance of community involvement in educational advancements and the positive impact it can have on our children’s learning environment.

The inauguration of the Keppetipola Road gate was a momentous occasion, attended by students, parents, faculty, and distinguished guests from the local community. Madam Principal, Dr. Sumedha Jayaweera, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the gate’s role in fostering a safer and more inclusive school environment. She thanked everyone for their support and dedication, reminding us that it is through collective effort and innovative thinking that we can achieve greater heights.

The new gate is a step toward a brighter future for our school, embodying the spirit of innovation and community that Dr. Jayaweera envisions. It serves as a reminder that when we come together for a common goal, nothing is beyond our reach. As we pass through this new gateway each day, let us remember the values it represents and the collective journey it symbolizes.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Madam Principal, Dr. Sumedha Jayaweera, for her visionary leadership and to everyone who contributed to making the Keppetipola Road gate a reality. This new addition is not just a gate, but a gateway to greater beginnings for our school.

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